Beautiful Lacquered House

Nushi-no-ie “, The Lacquerer’s House was built in the Meiji era, over a hundred years ago. It was abandoned and ruined for a long time, but we found a faint trace of the past glory of Japanese lacquer culture. We bought it after a long hesitation, and restoration was completed in 1990.

After restoration, “Nushi-no-ie” was regarded by experts as the most beautiful machiya, traditional merchant’s house in Japan. Its restoration is an embodiment of Wajimaya-Zenni’s basic philosophy. This house is now a museum of urushi culture: therein lies the true identity of Wajimaya-Zenni. We believe “Without profound cultural background, there is no cultural products.”

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Nushi-no-ie (The Lacquerer’s House)

1-82-3 Kawai-machi, Wajima, Ishikawa 928-0001 Japan
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※The main house of Nushi-no-ie is not put on view to the public for preservation usually.
Applications for the visiting Nushi-no-ie, please apply from here.
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